Suspension of Face-to-Face Classes & Activities 


 Issued 22 January 2021

 The College has further discussed with the Education Bureau (EDB) regarding the arrangements of face-to-face lessons in the morning or afternoon.  As the College only has two-year groups (local secondary schools have 6 years from Form1 to Form 6), the EDB allows the College to operate face-to-face classes for Year 2 students in the morning and face-to-face classes for Year 1 students in the afternoon.  This will commence on Wednesday 20 January 2021.

The College will follow strict safety measures to limit risks of the spread of COVID-19 on campus including regular disinfecting of spaces and maintaining proper social distancing.

As of this issuance, there is no student or staff of the College reported to have contracted the coronavirus.  The College will continue to follow the “Health Advice” issued by the Centre for Health Protection and monitor and respond accordingly.