Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong is a 100% residential community. Residential life forms an important third pillar of education. Living together on the same campus enables students to learn how to share, to trust, to get on with others, to learn from one another, and to form friendships for life.


One of the goals of LPCUWC is to create a community which encourages the expression of every culture, while ensuring that all beliefs and faith are respected. This means that students learn to live with and appreciate peers who have different needs and values.

Diversity in the block

Trust and consideration are the fundamental principles of residential life at UWC.  The 256 students of LPCUWC live in the 4 residential blocks on campus. Each room is shared by four students. Residences and rooms are deliberately diverse, socio-engineered in order to offer the students the best opportunities to share in a meaningful way.  Whenever possible, rooms are composed of two second year and two first year students, two from Hong Kong and two from different overseas regions. 


 Through living together, students learn to respect, cooperate, compromise, and act with integrity and responsibility. They also learn the significance of international and intercultural understanding, and develop into independent, considerate and responsible individuals as they reside together without their parents.

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 Support Network

Life at LPCUWC can get overwhelming at times, but there is also a strong sense of community where multiple sources of support are available.

All full time teaching staff live on campus and are tutors. The tutors and the tutor groups are important lines of support providing guidance, a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere, a shoulder to cry on in times of need and a group with whom to share good news.

There are also Peer Supporters in all of our residences. These are second-year students who have undergone an intensive and extensive training program. They can provide valuable, confidential, neutral and emotional support to their peers. All of the peer supporters have actively promoted positive mental health on campus and can offer a gateway into counseling services, also available on campus, when necessary.

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