“You may leave UWC, but UWC never really leaves you.”  

The UWC education is a transformative experience. Alumni belong to a growing UWC community of over 55,000 members across the world. More than 3,000 of them are LPCUWC graduates. Alumni take their UWC experiences with them and continue to realise the UWC mission and values in their own ways. With a strong sense of belonging to the movement, the community support and inspire each other around the world.

Stay connected with the UWC movement, meet other alumni, and engage with new students! You can also pay it forward and donate to support our scholarship fundraising efforts. Give coming generations the gift of a UWC education.

The College

The Development Office has been set up as the main body to help alumni and the college stay connected with the college after graduation.

Stayed updated with college happenings here:

  • Our official LPCUWC Facebookpage
  • Monthly Engagement Newsletterto keep alumni updated on past and upcoming college and student activities
  • Synergy, a student-led magazine supervised by the Development Office
  • Your Class Representatives (to be selected) who will act as our key contacts for special college updates
  • Update your alumni contact information here
  • You are always welcome back to visit the college. Tell us when, with whom, and which staff members you would like to see, and we will help arrange something for you. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Global UWC Community

Graduates are a part of a growing UWC community of more than 55,000 alumni. The UWC Hub, designed by the UWC International Office, is the online platform for the global UWC community. Members can find, set up groups, and connect with others based on their profession, interests, location, and college. Through the Hub, alumni can find UWC events happening near them, mentoring, professional advice, jobs, and volunteer opportunities.

UWC Graduates Organisation (Hong Kong) Ltd (UWCGO)

Hong Kong has been represented at UWCs overseas for over 35 years. An impressive number of UWC graduates currently work or study in Hong Kong in a wide range of profession. UWCGO is the main organisation specifically aimed at bringing together UWC alumni and friends in Hong Kong. Every year, UWCGO organises socials and activities for alumni from all colleges, classes and nationalities to meet and mingle.

All UWC graduates can become members upon graduation. Members of UWCGO also help to support student initiatives at LPCUWC. Find out more on https://www.facebook.com/uwcgohk and http://uwcgohk.org.