About the SCC

The Student Consultative Council (SCC) is a group of first and second year students at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong (LPCUWC) who organised student events and initiatives, take on leadership roles within their residences or cultural groups, liaise with staff on matters which concern students and convey students’ opinions to relevant school bodies.


Goals of the SCC


Student Representation

The SCC has regular meetings with the Director of Student Welfare/Residences and the Principal, attends committee meetings throughout the year, and hosts college meetings which include all students and staff. These meetings provide opportunities to consult about and collaborate on different topics of interest within the school.

Residential and Campus Activities

Every year, the SCC organises events and initiatives on campus, some are long-running and others are brought to the table by new SCC members or other students. Some examples of initiatives which have taken place recently include a community barbeque, a consultation about the Year 1 student information booklet and its subsequent update, the purchase of new equipment for the student kitchen and the presentation of gratitude cards to mark World Teacher’s Day.


Roles in the SCC

Every member of the SCC sits on a different school committee to ensure that that student opinions are presented and considered. All SCC members sit on only one committee.

One block representative and one cultural representative sit on each of the following committees:

  • Heads of Departments
  • Heads of Houses
  • Staff
  • Education Outside the Classroom

The other cultural representatives have a seat on one of the following committees

  • Security
  • Lifestyle
  • Trips


Becoming Part of the SCC

There are two types of SCC members: block representatives and seven cultural representatives. The four block representatives are elected from each of LPCUWC’s residences in November of their first year. They are elected by the students in their block in a secret ballot. The cultural representatives are elected in March of their first year by the members of their cultural group. There are seven officially recognised cultural groups on campus which cover all the regions of the world. Many students identify with more than one of these groups but one person can only represent one cultural group. Cultural representatives are crucial in organising cultural evenings, which the block representatives are more involved in activities and issues in their residences.

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