Physical Health

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A healthy lifestyle is fundamental to a balanced development of students. Other than Action activities under the Quan Cai program, LPCUWC offers a variety of facilities on campus for students to pursue their physical interests. There is an outdoor swimming pool, a climbing wall, a tennis court, and a basketball court. The sports building has a multipurpose indoor sports hall that serves as practice space and is convertible into a basketball, a volleyball court, or a football court. There is a squash court with second floor viewing windows, a newly converted dance studio, and a gym room suitable for cardio and weight training.

Medical Care

medical care 300x200Medical services are provided on campus by a registered nurse. The nurse is stationed in one of our residential blocks. Students who need further consultation can make appointments with a doctor who visits on a weekly basis. Our nurse can also refer students to specialists outside of campus. There are two sick bays that serve as quiet spaces for recovery on campus. The nurse can also take students with more serious medical needs to the hospital.

Student Counselling

Counselling services are available to students, who can make appointments with the college’s visiting counsellor.

There is also a group of second year Peer Supporters who can provide informal help and emotional support for other students. They have undergone official training and can provide a more approachable body of people to talk to. Peer supporters come from diverse backgrounds and together, speak a wide variety of languages. There are peer supporters in every residential block.

Day Rooms and Common Room

day room 300x200There is a day room, a laundry room, two bathrooms, and a computer room for every block.

The day room is the heart of the residential block. It is a social space for students to congregate, socialise, and study in groups. It is also where weekly block meetings take place. There are sofas, a refrigerator, and kitchenette space. Students leave behind books here from their own cultures to share with fellow students. There is also a spacious student common room in the Academic Block.

Assembly Hall

The assembly hall provides the stage for all major college performances and meetings. It hosts college meetings, cultural evenings, theatre performances, Global Issues Forum, and more. The hall comfortably sits the entire college population and facilitates intimate college discussions. The hall also has a lighting and audio system run by the student lighting crew.


library 300x200The library offers quiet study area on a campus that is otherwise busy. Located on the top floor of the academic block and facing the woods, the library is surrounded by a sight of greenery. Other than the study area, there is a lounging area where students can browse through magazines and newspapers subscribed by the college. The library also offers printers, a scanner, and computers to support students’ needs.

Spiritual Center

spiritual center 300x200The multi-faith spiritual center offers a tranquil space for spiritual and religious activities.