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Residential Life

Li Po Chun United World of Hong Kongis a 100% residential community. Living together on the same campus enables students to learn how to share, to trust, to get on with others, to learn from one another, and to form friendships for life.
The fundamental principles of residential life are trust and consideration. Therefore the rules guiding our community are kept to the minimal and in line with the UWC Code of conduct.

The 256 students of LPCUWC live in the 4 residences of campus. They share rooms with three other students. Residences and rooms are socio-engineered in order to offer the students the best opportunities to share  in a meaningful way. As far as possible, rooms are composed of two second year and two first year students,  two from Hong Kong and  two from different overseas regions.

One of the goals of LPC UWC is to create a community which respects the expression of every culture, while ensuring that no student's beliefs, faith or culture are denigrated. This means that students learn to live with and appreciate peers who have different needs and values.

The residential life: a significant part of the UWC experience for our students. 

residential life

Discovering Hong Kong while bonding with peers on a House activity.

What students say

Sharing a room:
We have a very close bond. I feel really grateful when everyone in the room is supportive.

Tutor Group:
“I think we just like a small family. Our tutor is our mother and the 2nd years are our brother and sister. We can't move anyone out of our family.”
We share interesting stories, we relax, we forget our stress together. "Being a LPC student is a privilege: we have two families."
"Tutor group is still one of the best thing I had in LPC."

Block Life:
"All the bits and pieces that made my LPC life complete!"
"We've got the best block spirit! Everything about our block is the best!!"*

*All students regardless of the residence they live in.

Tutor Group:

All full time teaching staff live on campus and are tutors. The tutors and the tutor groups are important lines of support providing guidance, a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere, a shoulder to cry in time of need and a group with whom to share good news.

residential life

A tutor group celebrating a birthday