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Education Outside the Classroom

The EOTC programme focuses on experiential learning –  learning by doing in a context outside the traditional classroom in order to develop the whole person. EOTC is central to the values of a UWC.

The programme is comprised of:

- Quan Cai (IB CAS) activities
- China Week & Project Week
- Other College trips
- Cultural Evenings
- Orientation Week
- Sports & sports teams
- Outdoor pursuits



The aims of EOTC are to:

  • Facilitate experiential learning
  • Learning through doing
  • Serving others
  • Student leadership
  • Challenge and risk taking
  • Holistic development of the individual

Quan Cai (IB CAS)
Consists of 4 components:

  • (Community) Service – service projects to the Hong Kong and wider community
  • (Campus) Service – activities to support the running of the campus
  • Creativity – activities that are artistic or require creative thinking
  • Action – activities focused on physical well being, sports & outdoor pursuits


In Year 1 students must choose one activity from each component as part of their programme. The programme is at the heart of EOTC and takes place on Tuesday (afternoon &evening), Thursday and Friday afternoon and at weekends:

  • 72 activities offered in total! (List of QC activities)
  • 10 sports teams representing the College in Hong Kong events
  • 22 activities offer outreach/community support
  • 30 activities are affiliated or connected to groups or organizations in the wider community
  • Students provide evidence/reflections on their learning. Students are supported by their tutors plus a Staff Supervisor per activity.
  • Student Leaders participate in a number of leadership workshops throughout Year 2.


China Week & Project Week

  • China Week takes place in Term 1 and Project Week in Term 2.
  • All Year 1 students participate in China Week and all students in Project Week.
  • China Week focuses on travel to China & Hong Kong whilst Project Week focuses on the East Asia region.
  • The aims of China week & Project week focus on facilitating Service and Challenge experiences.
  • Students develop independence and leadership by proposing, leading and participating in trips.


Cultural Evenings

  • Six cultural evenings take place each year.
  • These highly anticipated presentations include pre-performance events and a dinner before the show.
  • The aim is to promote international understanding & appreciation.  
  • The year begins with International Night and ends with Year 1 Show.
  • Throughout the year there are four cultural evenings, each one focusing on a different region (Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & South Asia, North America and South America on a two year rotation and China annually.)
  • A staff member supervises each evening; however the events are almost always student led.  

Orientation Week
Orientation Week introduces new Year 1 students to all aspects of College and Hong Kong life. It is led by staff and Year 2 students and takes place in the first week of term.

Outdoor Pursuits
A newly developing programme featuring a working relationship with Outward Bound HK and including activities such as kayaking, hiking, camping and climbing.

Steve Reynolds
Director – Education Outside the Classroom